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 Vets Plan to Make 'Stolen Honor' Free to Stations   
 Dated:  Sunday, October 24 2004 @ 09:00 PM PDT
 Viewed:  5865 times  
Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Carlton A. Sherwood, producer of "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal," says his organization plans to make his film free to television and radio broadcasters who would like to air it.

Sherwood added he plans on offering free webcasts of the program soon.

"Any media entity brave enough to air Stolen Honor can contact us for a license to air the film, provided the entity will air the film in its entirety," Sherwood said in a prepared statement. "Likewise, any individual who wishes to purchase time on a local broadcast station or a local theater will be allowed to license the film if the film is shown in its entirety at no cost."

Sherwood continued: "Since Sinclair Broadcast Group decided to air this documentary which tells the true story of the torture of American prisoners of war in North Vietnam and the impact that John Kerry’s anti-war activities had upon the POWs and their families in the early 1970s, the Kerry campaign and the liberal media establishment have stopped at nothing to try to keep this film from being seen by the American people. The liberal establishment media didn’t tell the POW story thirty years ago – and they still don’t want that story to be told. Neither does John Kerry, because the POWs provide compelling personal stories of his treachery to them and their fellow Vietnam veterans.

"Sinclair has been subjected to threats, harassment, legal action, and financial loss simply because of its editorial decision to air ‘Stolen Honor’ and at long last, after thirty years of media silence, to tell this story. Sinclair has now determined to air only portions of the documentary. I applaud the courage of Sinclair Broadcast Group to move forward with this story in the first place and to be steadfast in the face of this onslaught from the media establishment and the orchestrated attacks directed at the company.

"But let me be clear: the purpose of this film is to document for all time the truth about John Kerry, the truth about what happened to the POWs in those North Vietnam prison camps, the complicity of the national media in protecting and promoting Kerry as a 'war hero' when he was and is the opposite.

"The North Vietnamese captors tried to silence the POWs in the prison camps then, the American media and politicians have tried to silence the POWs today. As POW Smitty Harris said in the film, "They never shut us down. We will do whatever we can to make sure the POWs are not silenced today."

This article was published by the NewsMax.com.

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